Storytelling as exactly who you are

Are you looking for a photographer who understands Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder? Someone who knows the nerves and stress of doing a photoshoot with a child or adult on the spectrum? Are you wanting to capture memories as a family just the way you are? Do you want to feel relaxed knowing your photographer is a safe space? Then stick around and let me capture your sweet memories.

Every family is unique. Weather you have someone on the spectrum or not. We all encompass traits like being timid, outgoing, laid-back or a little guarded. But one thing is every person deserves to showcase how beautiful and awesome they are. To celebrate and freeze a moment in time.


Murrieta, CA

"I loved this! Madison was great to us during our family session. I was nervous that it would be hard for my son because he is Autistic. But he did so well! Thank you for being understanding and kind during the session!"

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